Cafe Lupe: Appreciate the city away from the city

Cafe Lupe, Antipolo

View from Cafe Lupe

Antipolo City holds a special place in my heart. Mostly because it’s where I was born and where I was raised; this is mostly what I have known my whole life. I am proud to call myself taga-bundok. Also, my friends are all here and most of our memories are made here.

One of the things Antipolo is known for is its “metro-viewing” sites, especially the ones along Sumulong Hi-way, which some people call OL or “over-looking”.

In the past years, restaurants, bars, and KTV’s started to pop-up along Sumulong Hi-way until it became to be known as a place for friends or family get-togethers.

The most recent establishment in this long strip is Cafe Lupe. It’s not just a restaurant/bar with live bands but also a Bed and Breakfast.

Cafe Lupe

Cafe Lupe Bar

Cafe Lupe

Cafe Lupe bar extension. That building houses the bed and breakfast.

I had to go to Cafe Lupe because my job interview was set there. When I got there, though, I realized that the person I was meeting was running late. I didn’t mind because I also wanted to take pictures of the place and try something off their menu as I was not able to have breakfast.

Cafe Lupe’s food menu ranges from P180-600. They also serve both alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic. Happy hour starts from 10am to 5pm. During these hours, you can get 6 beers and an appetizer for only P350.

Cafe Lupe

Inside the bar

I went to Cafe Lupe at daytime and, as it is more known for being a bar, there aren’t a lot people around. This allowed me to really appreciate the place, look around, take some photos, and finally relax, at least until the interview starts.

Cafe Lupe

The clubhouse costs P180

The view from Antipolo is beautiful day and night. Cafe Lupe just adds the comfort you need to appreciate the sight.

Cafe Lupe

View from the bar

Visit, or better yet stay at Cafe Lupe, and have yourself a relaxing Antipolo experience.

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