Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: A taste of history


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Where do you go if you want to experience what it feels like when the Philippines was invaded by the Spanish? Let me guess: Vigan City. It is almost everyone’s go-to place (aside from Intramuros, of course) for things like this.

Well, let me tell you that there is another place for a taste of history: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. It is located in Bagac, Bataan. This place is more low-profile than Vigan and Intramuros, and that’s what makes it more interesting.

The compound is filled with 27 houses similar to the ones you see in Vigan. These houses were named according to the place where they were originally built. You understood right! The houses are built in other places and were then moved to Las Casas. Some are from Pangasinan, Tondo, University of the Philippines, and Binondo.

Each house has its own history which would be disclosed to you during a one-hour tour around the whole place.

The lobby

The lobby


Casa Byzantine is the biggest of the 27 houses. It is the only house with its own butler. It can be rented as a whole or by room


Mosaic wall inside Casa Byzantine

Mosaic ceiling inside Casa Byzantine

Mosaic ceiling inside Casa Byzantine

There are 2 in-house restaurants in Las Casas. One specializes in Spanish and Filipino cuisines and is also the main attraction of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Cafe Marivent. The most memorable dish for me here is the Kare-Kare.

The other one is an Italian restaurant named La Bella Teodora. When in La Bella Teodora, make sure to try their four-cheese pizza and their lasagna.

La Bella Teodora

La Bella Teodora

La Bella Teodora

Inside La Bella Teodora

Las Casas Filipinas has a beach and a swimming pool. To help you go around the whole place, they offer a jeepney shuttle for free. Currently, they are building a tramway that would also run around the whole compound.


The swimming pool is also in sync with the beach

 They also have a game room called Salon de Juego. Everything is free and won’t cost you a cent to enjoy. There is also a store where you can buy pasalubongs from.


There’s table tennis, billiards, darts, and others

The uniforms of the employees also added to the ambiance. Each of them is wearing barongs and sayas.

The rooms are affordable and also very comfortable. Our room was a two-floor suite which we got for more or less P6,500. We got it with a discount as we went during the month of May, an off-peak season.


This is the in-house photo shop. Above this is where our rooms are located.


Sunset by the beach

Las Casas Filipinas has an in-house spa to complete your vacation.

You can visit Las Casas for a vacation, book it for pictorials or for receptions — just make sure to experience what it has to offer.



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