Gudo, so good-o

Today, Raffy and I went to try Gudo. It is just a little spot along Congressional Ave. The place is small with two four-seaters and a five-seater bar.

The 5-seater meant for sharing


Once again, I didn’t expect much. Its location isn’t for commuters as there aren’t any public transpo passing by. There are only tricycles and it’s also not a usual route for them.

As we enter, one table is occupied by a family. We sat beside their table and we were handed menus by the waiter.

On the menu are: 6 pizza variations, 3 types of pasta, and 4 choices of drinks (coke, coke zero, iced tea in glass, iced tea in a pitcher).

The pricing is average for the pasta and cheap for the pizzas. A pitcher of iced tea costs P50.

I ordered my safety food, spaghetti and meatballs. It costs P145 but a serving was enough for the both of us.

Spag and meatballs for P145


It’s really good though I didn’t like the meatballs. I like their glasses. It’s upcycled and cute!

For the pizza, we tried another safety flavor– 3-cheese pizza! Today’s winner costs P140.

3-cheese pizza slash today’s winner

Thin crust and sticky cheese?? Yes yes yes!

The place isn’t airconditioned but the location is breezy so there’s really no need for an AC.

Gudo is perfect for family eat-outs. You can take you friends here, too! The address is 17 Congressional Ave. Extension, Pasong Tamo, QC.



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